The project


You have students around 10 years old, and you want to teach them about programming.

What do you think is the best way to do this?

BBC took this seriously and they decided to develop, together with more than 20 partners, BBC Micro:bit.
An amazing device, with a 5x5 matrix leds, a lot of inputs and sensors.
Then the Python Software Foundation jumped in and said that it was a super cool project, why don't we put Python inside it?

The result?

You can use BBC Micro:bit and Python to teach young students about programming. You can do this while having fun, and with a programming language that is used almost everywhere.

What about Microbit:Polska?

Well in UK they gave 1 million Micro:bits to school children for free, why we should not have something similar in Poland?

Come join in the fun!

Coordination of the project

Currently the project is coordinated by PyPolska association

The initial Team that started project

Karolina Baran

A graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology.
A “Renaissance man”, she likes learning new things and really likes to teach others, especially kids. She has been programmming for one year.

Co-creator of the project Microbit:Polska. She is also a co-founder of pybootcamp.org.


Christian Barra

He is a board member of the EuroPython Society and organiser of the EuroPython Conference. Currently he lives in Wroclaw where he runs the local chapter of the PyData meetup.

He loves sharing his passion with other people, but becuase sometimes adults are boring he thought it was better to spend more time with kids and he must admit there is no way back from that.

Apart from this he is the founder of cassiny.io and pybootcamp.org.