The first workshop is ahead!

The first workshop is ahead, what a fun!

In February we started with the first FunWithMicrobit workshop. Students and teachers of Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących nr 10 w Gliwicach - a public school consisting of the middle and high school came on Saturday morning to school to learn the basics of programming. The interest among students aroused the little Micro:bits that served as interactive help to learn.

The curious students quickly caught the base of the Python language and create their own animations and programs using Micro:bits. The workshop met with the great interest from both students and teachers. At the end of the course the school received a gift of 30 Micro:bits to use during the classes. Teachers promised that students will be also able to borrow Micro:bits home to continue practicing programming.

Photo of the workshop in Gliwice


Big thanks go to our sponsors: Python Software Foundation and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Huge thanks to all mentors and Python developers, who came to Gliwice to explain the basics of programming. We thank also all the teachers and young participants of the workshop.

See you at our next workshop!

P.S. help us spreading Python and Micro:bit around Poland, we are looking for sponsors!