The workshop is called FunWithMicrobit, and that is the goal: having fun with it.

It takes around 6 hours: the first 4 hours are dedicated to teaching how to use the BBC Micro:bit and program it with Python.

Python is an open source programming language, easy to learn and easy to use, that perfectly fits Micro:bit.

The last 2 hours are an open lab, where you develop your Micro:bit project, helped by the Python programmers, and then show it to others.

A workshop is formed by 30 students, (around) 5 teachers and 5 Python programmers, and it is held during one day of the week-end.

You can check the materials for the workshop.

List of our past workshops

ZSO 10 (Gliwice) - 11/02/2017 - (We left 30 Micro:bits!)

ZS 4 (Tychy) - 07/05/2017 - (We left 5 Micro:bits!)